Bangladeshi Marriage Ceremony

Bangladeshi marriage ceremony function. Marriage ceremony is a part of our life. Everyone try to getting marriage to her dream person. That means marriage ceremony. Marriage will make man perfect. It helps to grow generation. It leads our people to doing best in society or world. In Bangladesh marriage ceremony is also called shaadi mubarak. It’s a cultural program of Bangladesh. Actually it is a part of every people’s life. It’s a wonderful movement. All of people respect this program and culture.

Bangladeshi marriage ceremony
Marriageable girl

Peoples are very busy to make this house and functions beautiful. The family members of marriageable girl spent a big amount to make this program comfortable and enjoyable. Their family as a rich family, they don’t think to spend money and well decorated functions. They are very busy to many works. So this program is making their family happy.

Bengali Marriage Program

Too many guests are stay in this program and enjoy this function. Most of peoples are bring gift for give them to the family members. This day Marriage program house are very gorgeous lot of fashionable deigns. There are lot of light are arrange to make this program more fashionable and beautiful.

Bridegroom sent two saree for wearing this in marriage functions. The girl is very well decorated with jewelry. This day she looks different likes other peoples.

Bengali Marriage Program. There is lot of thing about function. Man tries to be smart to her marriage ceremony. He cant’s anything of this program. Some traditional method has to use on marriage program. Some of people are doing in shaadi mubarak program. The people of Bridegroom are going to marriageable girl house. The people marriageable girl is receiving bridegroom people. They take care of them.

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The Bridegroom is coming home to marry

Marriage ceremony image
Marriage ceremony image

Bridegroom people are coming to here, the marriage program is beginning. His father has lot of work to doing his son’s marriage ceremony. They are eating rice, polao, chickens and beef, and passing some time there. In evening they are finished the marriage function and get back to their home with marriageable girl. Marriageable girl’s parents are crying for goodbye to say her daughter.  

Marriage ceremony day-night

After two days marriageable girl parents are going to see their daughter and wish to make great life. The Husband of married woman is come there and tells them welcome. Then he invited peoples to eating food in his home. Peoples are accepting these invitations and start their lunch in here. Bangladeshi marriage ceremony has finished.

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