beautiful girl neha kumari
beautiful girl neha kumari

Neha Kumari is a beautiful girl who lives in Chennai. She is very attractive and pretty girl. Now she is only 21 years old. She’s father is a good person . He is simple and beautiful girl in Chennai. She’s mother is a housewife. Neha born in India 1998. Her father Indu Das is a village school teacher. She’s mother Malika Das is housewife. Her elder brother Rohit collect money for neha;s educations.He works a multi national company which name Baskit Lo Patti Jao. Most one thing i have to tell Neha named his beautiful father.

Neha Kumari has good personality. She is well educated girl and she can make any happy. This is special for her. She can write emotional book. Neha interest in boating on river, singing songs and watching movies. Neha Kumari is popular on facebook and many social sites. Every month we get new think about neha . She looks pretty and attractive girl.

Educated Girl Neha

Neha kumari photos are catching people. She is very pretty and educated girl. She finished her school level study in Chennai and she studied college level in Delhi. Now she study in University of Delhi. Neha dream is want to be good doctor and serve village poor people. Her father Indu Das is always inspire to Neha.

She has a nice family. There are six member in her family. Father, mother, brother,grandmother and two sister. She’s brother works in a multi national company. She’s elder sister Ormi wants to be Actress. Neha’s father always advise to her how to became succeed of life.


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