Emotionally fool – Priya Rani.

Priya Rani Stylish Images
Priya Rani Stylish Images

Priya Rani is an emotionally fool girl who has no idea today’s world. She is truly simple girl. Emotion is a one factor of her. She can’t accept people’s sadness. When she seen a sad people than she helped her.

Emotion is a common fact of every of man or woman. It’s drivers our mind to come out good decisions. Specially it’s help people to reach her destination. We can’t finished any work without emotionally. It’s totally reached worldwide. One day shes classmate Arjun told her why she not open a trusted community. Thats the reason she open a poor people help community.

Priya Rani is totally emotional for their neighbors. She helps peoples where she born. Her mother Riya Gupta is support to her. Priya has good personality. Now she is only 20 years old. In a short time she achieve lot of things and publicity.She wishes is to doing more social works.

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She finished her school life at Delhi Girl’s College. Now she ride to her father business in Delhi. More than 1500 workers are work her company. She don’t bad behave with her company workers. Now She try to good relation to her company adviser.

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