Jannath Kapoor Write stories in Medium

Jannath Kapoor is the smartest girl. She born in Punjab but she still live Mumbai town. Jannath has some special qualities. When some man or people are stay with her. She can easily know about their full life event and can tell every thing about her. When she meet some problem she can easily handle this matter smartly. Jannath kapoor has nice family.

There are Six member in her family. Such as father, mother, two brother and one sister. Her father works a sub-government office and mother Fahima is a teacher. Her sister name is Mariya has good personality and she can easily control children. Kapoor has to many good personality which are makes her attractive. It’s helps her focus public attraction.

jannath kapoor photo
Jannath Kapoor

Jannath kapoor is member of ever green group in facebook. Here she post many thing and share her personal feeling in social media. We can easily connect world by many social media. She always stay in online so we can talk her by twitter and facebook. Every day so much proposal are bring to her family. But her father refuse this proposal. He say, he want to make her daughter a good doctor.

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Jannath Kapoor write stories in Medium

There are lot of good and beautiful group in social site. We get some good information there and we can communicate people worldwide. It helps to connect world within a short time. There lot of girls and boys are share their feeling and enjoy itself. Actually she is really pretty and innocent. She spend her life like a simple people. But sometime, She visit many country for knowing world deeply.

Jannath is a knowledgeable girl and well educated person. Jannat kapoor studied at Punjab Govt. Public School in Punjab and finished her school level education there. Now she’s college life start Punjab University India.

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