Khushi is a Member of RTM ROYAL COMMUNITY

khushi member of RTM ROYAL COMMUNITY

Khushi is very simple girl in Mumbai. Khushi’s brother is very care about his sister. She enjoy her life own way. She is born in 2002 at Mumbai. Now she is 22 years old. She is a member of RTM ROYAL COMMUNITY. She always try happy her family and their neighbors. In her village peoples mostly uneducated person. For this reasons they don’t know how to grow food and maintains their children. So they faced lot of problem everyday. Some of peoples are died in same case. So they try to solve this problem in her village peoples.

Khushi’S Father Serve Village People

Khushi father Mr. Kaium Patel is a doctor in Kanpur. He has lot of good ideas to developed a country. Actually he wants to open a child house in Kanpur. He already open a village hospital. There he serve village peoples free of cost. Peoples are loved their family. Some of peoples are helped her father to continue this hospital perfectly. His brother Kumar helped her father. As he continue a village hospital and serve people full free. So they need more money. But therefore they are very happy to helping poor village peoples.  

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