Mayuri | Pune Beauty Girl

Mayuri attend worship. She lives in Pune, India. She’s father is a famous writer. She is very friendly to her neighbours and friends. Mayuri try to follow a stick schedule.Every morning she walk at road about half hours and Yoga. Besides her personality is so sweet. She can speak English and Hindi. Everything is possible when we deeply feel that.

mayuri worship image
Mayuri doing Worship

Mayuri believes traditional culture in India. Though she born in Pune but here whole family lives in United States. Every year they come to India and visit their neighbors. This year also they come in Bihar. Now Mayuri and her family member are attending worship festival. Actually their mind is clear about their home country. When Worship program are finished they stay her home at last one week and go back to United States.

Mayuri Thought about Worship festival

She think about worship that we can meet God by worship and share our every feeling of place mind for give more respect and assets. Every year the Hindu society are celebrate worship in any locate of Hindu society. This year also celebrate worship program in Hindu society. Mayuri attend worship in Pune. She is very happy to joining worship. She doing lot of work for worship festival. She’s family is very happy to see their family members work on worship.

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