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Mega Kumari Lifestyle. Mega is a successful woman name who born in middle class family. But hard working and her father support give her a great achievement in her life. Now she has lot of car and business facilities. Today I want to share Mega kumari lifestyles and her achievements.

Mega Kumari  happy movement
Mega Kumari

Mega City

Not a single man we can find who not knowing Mega city in Hyderabad. This Mega city owner is Mega. She design this city to her choose. All of business deal is begin in Mega city. Mega Father Ram pal are the Adviser of Mega city. He helps her daughter to grow her business deal.

Mega Kumari Business Contact No.

Details No.
Office No. +9180027183
Mega PA. +9180038119

Mega Kumari Fashion House

Mega fashion house is located in Delhi. There more than 25 employs are works here. They are very friendly behaving with their customers. All of employs are happy to working Mega.

Mega Daily Activities

Mega likes to lead a simple family. As now she has lot of money, but she not likes waste money and her time. She is very smart and talent. In morning, she goes to park for body exercise. All of family member are know about morning exercise is good for health, so they all also join with Mega. After doing exercise she go back to home and take a small breakfast. Then she goes to Orphan Trust and meets Orphan peoples and gives some money.


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Mega Popularity

Mega is role model of every business woman. They get lot of impression from Mega Kumari. All of business functions in Hyderabad; she is the special cheap guest and motivational persons. She is a woman motivational speaker in Hyderabad. Peoples are believes her and her creativity.  

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