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Power of woman is an important topic in now days. Actually this facilities are gives woman our generations and govt. sectors. Govt. say all of works can be better, when their enter woman and do something there. Now day’s woman can easily get job or any works in of business sectors. Because our govt. rules is that all govt. or business sectors has to first permission woman then man.

Police Woman on Bike
Police Woman on Bike

Woman Creativity

Woman are setting their house, they works all of sectors and get lot of Goodwill for her achievement. Nowadays woman works in Navy, Army, Police, Pilot and many more govt. sectors. Our poet always says’ no nation can build their country without woman creativity. Actually that’s right; the world is zero without woman.

Power of Woman

Woman Office Time image
Woman Office Time

Too many woman are achieves their goal in worldwide. When we read world news and woman creativity, we know their most of country important members are women. That’s means woman are very important to our nations. Power of woman top. Some of country president is woman. One of country president name is Shek Hasina who is president in Bangladesh. This country parliament most of members are woman. They can any of good decision to build a country.

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Woman respect is important to all of country citizen peoples. If somebody bad behave with any of woman, the govt. are arranged to many punishment of this people.      

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