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If you want to use our site, you need to know about us and how we keep your privacy. First let us know that we will keep your information safe and do not harm you.

Secondly, since the purpose of our site is to entertain you, we will always try to keep you entertained.

The information we hold about you

  • your name
  • E-mail address
  • Your likes and dislikes
  • Your opinion

If you comment on one of our posts, we collect your name and e-mail for further communication and review the comment to see if the comment is beneficial to everyone. ‍And if your comment is acceptable then everyone will see it. No obscene comments and posts will be accepted on our site.

Your information on another site

We do not share your information on any third site. It is our responsibility to protect your privacy.

If you have any comments regarding our privacy, you can email us-