Priya Das – Daughter of Kishna Pal

Priya Das is an Indian girl who lives in Delhi. She has strong personality. Priya has so many creativity. Such as draw picture, blogging and photography. She likes to laughing all time. That’s the one of special sourcing. Besides, Priya can handle any of baby.

One day Priya visited a book fair with her best friend Simran. She find her favourite books. Finally she saw this and brought. Her friend Simran had brought some funny books for her small brother. When they are finished her work. They go back to their home.

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Priya Das Stand with umbrella

Priya’s family is a rich and big family. There are nine members in her family. Such as two sister, three brother, father, mother, grandmother and grandfather that’s all. Her father Kishna pal is a village doctor. And her mother shahaana Gupta is school teacher.

Priya Father Business Travel

One of her sister Shayda is learning spoken English for better job in USA. Priya Das other sister were getting married. And now she stayed at Mumbai town. Her brothers are growing a small company. Her father has a big Umbrella factory. There her father make to many umbrella’s. There work lot of poor people. And they get every month some salary. That’s make very happy to their family.

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Priya Dreams to be a Good Doctor

Priya has so many dreams. She wants to be good doctor like her father Kishna pal. So she study this subject very responsively. As she wants to study of this subject, she need more money. This money are arrange her brother and father. Her elder brother and father are inspire to her.

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