Rumi Afrin School Teacher Salary.

Rumi Afrin is a school teacher at Delhi Girl’s School. Rima works there as a English teacher. She has good personality. Each of student are really likes her very much. Because she can make happy and enjoyable her class lectures. Rima Afrin is well educated girl. Afrin has nice family. Her family has 7 member in her family. Such as one sister, two brother, grandmother, grandfather, father and mother. We can tell her family totally comfortable.

school teacher rumi afrin
Rumi Afrin, School Teacher

Rumi born in Delhi 2003. When she born her father and full family are very happy. Than she’s father start a company of her name. And it continue succeeds his company. Now their work more than 5,000 workers. The worker will get every monthly salary.

Rumi Afrin per month income is 30,000 tk. She teaches English in Delhi Girl’s School. Rumi salary is 20,000 tk. per month. She spend her money a village child school where government are not reached. Besides ger father Debashish are always support her. Rumi Afrin is very simple and creative persons who has doing lot of good work for her neighbor. Therefore each year Rumi celebrate her birthday in Gujrati village people. Afrin enjoy her life fully her own way.

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