Sahoo shruti | Punjab Girl

Sahoo shruti is a daughter of Kaalaiyan who lives in Punjab. She is born in 2000 at Patiala district. Specially Punjab girls are so cute. They are totally innocent. Anyone can like Punjab girl. Besides Sahoo shruti is very pretty girl and mostly attractive girl. She has a big family. There are eight members in her family such as grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, two sisters and two brothers. One of her brother Mr. Kaam is house owner. He already married. And he have two child. She is second brother Raadhi studied at Alpine Public School, Punjab. And her two sister are getting married and enjoy her happy life. One day she is sister Maagha told her that why she wanna married someone and enjoy happily likes of her.

sahoo shruti punjab girl
Sahoo shruti

In three years ago, she is mother Sivani was dead road accident . Then her father was deeply upset. This matter are noticed by her sister Maagha . Than she discusses this matter of other family members. Finally their father married a Punjabi girl. Now she is finding a good man for his daughter wedding.

Sahoo shruti Education

She is an intelligent girl. She finished her primary education at Ajanta Public School, Punjab. Now she studied at University of Punjab. Besides she is a English teacher of Alpine Public School.

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