Selin Thampi likes Bangladeshi Culture | What kind of people live in Bangladesh?

Selin Thampi likes Bangladeshi Culture. Bangladeshi Culture is very peaceful. There are lot of Creatives thing here in Bangladesh. Peoples are very respectfully and co-operative with their society and works.

farmer works in the field
Farmer works in the field

Main Topics:

What means Bangladeshi Culture? What kind of people live in Bangladesh? Are Bengali and Bangladeshi the same?  How do you greet someone in Bangladesh? What is Bangladeshi culture?  Is Bangladesh rich or poor?  Is Bangladesh poor?  What is Bangladesh famous food? Is Bangladesh safe?  Which is toughest language in the world?  What is the most sweetest language?

What means Bangladeshi Culture?

Bangladeshi peoples who belong there culture and society this called Bangladesh culture. People are likes to explain her feeling with other people which the method called Bangladeshi culture.

What kind of people live in Bangladesh?

There are lot of religious and regional peoples are live in Bangladesh. There are Hindu, Buddu, Khishtan, Muslim and other regional peoples also live in Bangladesh. They are very co-operatives with each their and lives there likes brother and sister. Peoples has nice combinations.

Bangladeshi Cultures Has some Specialty!

  • Peoples lives there like brother and relatives
  • They co-operative each other
  • Good language communication
  • Freedom life
  • Beautiful environment

Tourist Selin Thampi Visit Bangladesh!

Selin Thampi is an intelligent girl who born in Punjab. She’s  father is a Canadian and mother is an Indian citizen. One day Mr. Martin is visiting India local city and he saw Selin mother Silpa Mehra. This times he loved Silpa Mehra. They are getting married . Now they enjoy her happy life. As her mother is an Indian she teach Selin Hindi. Selin Thampi can fully talk Hindi and English. They are rich family. Selin’s father has lot of money. As Thampi one of the daughter of Mr. Martin, she right to use her father money. Selin likes to travel world and wants to know world deeply. Selin Thampi likes Bangladeshi Culture. For the reasons, Selin is visited Bangladesh in 2th September.

Bangladeshi Fisherman Boats
Bangladeshi Fisherman Boats

She is very excited to meet Bangladeshi people. She likes to meet newly people everyday. Selin is enter Bangladesh this country tourist guide are help to visit there. They told her everything about Bangladesh and cultures. Thampi knows about Bangladesh, she more excited to see Bangladeshi culture.

Bangladeshi Tourist Guide Tell her About Bangladeshi Culture
Bangladeshi Village Peoples
Bangladeshi Village Peoples

The tourist guide are helps to seeing Bangladeshi local sites and their traditions. She visit some college, night school and meet some Bengali village people and listen their comment. Bangladesh celebrate Hindo worship. She join this program and complete some worship activity. Thampi takes some of time a village boy who has no parents in world. He Is a Orphan boy. As he Orphan, Selin likes this boy and share everything to about her. she love village boy. They catches some picture and village people activity.

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Meet Orphan

Orphan boy shows farmer creativity and also say about Bangladeshi peoples culture. And he tells her they grows food. He says that agriculture main think is farmer. Village boy help Selina’s to visit their village area. She join lot of Bengali festival. Example: marriage ceremony, birthday program . He meet some of his friends and village people. Where this boy lives their is a river. They together swim this river and catching some fishes. This boy has cooked this fishes and eating together. That’s for the girl is more happy and excited. Which day she go back to her home country, she meet the village boy and say thanks for everything and gives some money for buying some cloth.

Selin Thampi Explanation About Bangladeshi Peoples
Collect some photos Bangladeshi village peoples
Collect some photos Bangladeshi peoples

Selin Thampi tells Bangladesh is beautiful country and  there people lives friendly. If they meet some issues. They help each other and solve it very smoothly. She say Bangladesh people are friendly behavior to their guest.  Selin go back to her home country United states. She tells her parents everything which she saw there. And she tell about Orphan boy. Thampi visit there. She takes some picture and videos about Bangladeshi culture and peoples. This photos and videos are  watching in her laptop and saw her grandmother and grandfather. Her family member thanks to Selin for her great creativity. They were interest to visit Bangladesh on holidays.

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