Soya Caffee Likes to Travel World

Soya Caffee likes to travel world. Soya Caffee is a name of talent young girl who lives in Lahore. Caffeeis a daughter of Mr. Abul Kalam who works in a multi national form in Lahore. Her father has to many car and building. He rent this car and house for get extra money from this. Actually it’s a good ideas to make money extra.

Though Soya Caffee father has lot of cars, they would use it for personal work. So other of cars are not use. But his father ideas is good because he rent this car. Soya likes to visit world and meet newly people everyday. For her travel world everyday, his father spent lot of money.

Find newly people as a Travel Partner

Soya Caffee setting on Restaurant
Soya Caffee setting on Restaurant

He is well educated girl and her family members also educated degree to many school and colleges. Her parents are very careful to take care of her child. Soya spent lot of money to travel world. But her father is not unhappy for his daughter carelessness to spent money.

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Soya Whatsapp Mobile Number

Soya is a balanced mind girl who likes to spent her life time with her friends circle. She is very happy when Soya meet new people and introduce yourself. Her all of friends known soya whatsapp number. Her friends Shimul are provided whatsapp mobile number. Here caffee whatsapp number +971521442835 . Everyone can knock on caffee whatsapp and share your feeling on whatsapp. She is not upset to chat her friends. Soya spent lot of time to continues her cheating on whatsapp.

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In her student life is very interesting. She woke up early in the morning and go out of her room for workout in the morning. About half an hour she walk on road in the morning. And maintenance her body fitness. But when she got marriage , than soya not care of herself. As a result her body is not fit. She faced to many helth problem. Her mother always her family members to continue every morning Yoga. It’s better for our health.

Lot of company are offer caffee to give her a good job as a company administrator. But she easily refused this great opportunity. She told her that she not work in a company, she worked her country. As she’s father has lot of money, she can easily spent this whole money for better work in her mother country.

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