Without money, no one in this world values ​​anyone

Without money, no one in this world values ​​anyone. Peoples are not value anyone without any profit. It’s really common but someone not accept it. For this reason they bring their life many depression. Man can believed that he has no dollar for join this function or party. So they are out from here. Actually I also faced this problem. We can’t live society money values. Today I will share my personal studies about that.

without money no one in this world values anyone

Main topics :

Can we live without money? How can I live on my own with no money? What is a society without money called? Why do we need money in the world? Is money important to be happy?

Is money most important thing in life?

Yes, money is important to our life. Our family members are very co-operative and ensure family respect. But yesterday I noticed some new in my family members and their decision. Can we live without money? First of all i have to say, my father is a poor man and my father have not sufficient Taka. For this situation, my father can’t give a perfect decision to any family matter.

To earn the honor, you have to earn money values

Now I tell you my personal experience about without money, no one value anyone. Yesterday we are celebrate my cousins marriage ceremony. This my cousin brother invited so many guest to join this marriage ceremony. They will coming this family program. But my uncle son Rafi is not coming in this program. To continue my writing I have to say about Rafi.

Why do we need money in the world?

Rafi is a elder son of Mr. Kamal Hosan. Mr. Kamal Hosan has lot of money. That’s for they spent their life very comfortable. As they has lot of income everyone are listen each of  sound very carefully. He has a nice building. For any of cost his son Rafi are the main owner of this property after his father dad. Though he has lot of income. My cousin brother is always invite any of program to joining this with whole family.

Why money is important of life?

  • To communicated high profile people.
  • For peaceful life
  • To doing better for our society
  • To help someone
  • Respect from others
  • To make life meaningful.

Is money important than happiness?

Yes, money is important to belong happy life. As my father is a poor man, he not invited me and my family member to join any of function. This program second day they wants go my cousin  husband house. They first decided Mr. Jamal’s sons is go with their. No one say it’s not right. But they are clap and clap this decision. This day my two eyes are fully in water. That day I was deeply feel it. Without income, no one in this world values ​​anyone. When I will not income more money then everyone respect my family. Otherwise my family members not trust me and can’t do any of decision of family matter. This matter make me alone everyday.


How to Success in Life

To live society, you need money

Without money, no one in this world values ​​anyone. Man can do anything when they get proper family support. If you need any of family support you have to need income lot of money or your father has to more income to spent anywhere. My cousins sister marriage ceremony, I learn some newly thinking. I am not thinking my cousin brother behaviors are hard my mind.

Life without money disgusting

Actually I think that my brother is true person. He not a bed person like other peoples. My grandfather always say, if someone give you cry, don’t worry. He will never happy. As my father is poor but his mind and body is clear. He always try to happy people. I wish to God make this people will good.

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