Yellow rituals Bangladeshi cultural program

Yellow rituals is an Bangladeshi cultural program. It is very attractive and beautiful program. Every day some of yellow rituals are celebrate in Bangladesh. This program are specially arrange their family member. We see the function in local village and city.

Each of function are very attractive and gorgeous. Specially when a man or woman want to marry each other. This time their family meet woman family parent’s discuss about the matter.

yellow rituals cultural program
Yellow rituals

Bangladeshi Cultural Function

Yellow rituals program are celebrate each of marriage ceremony. We see this function are also arrange some dance program and family meeting. Some people are doing their lot of work in this cultural program. In this day their parents has lot of work. They hard work for hospitality and respect their guest. Their parent’s are arrange some eating program.

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The guest are eating this and give some money. This day their family has to spend lot of money for continue the programs. Besides they get lot of money back to their guest. And they will be happy this time. Peoples are attend this cultural program and enjoy this function. Some of people are bring camera for getting some memorable Picture. Their family hired some of people for raise photos and videos. For this service they get some of money to raise this video program.  

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